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Affordable Bookkeeping / Tax Services

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

Business owners focus on their business growth and do not like to get overwhelmed by challenges of bookkeeping, accounting, and tax compliance. You can rely on BPBT professionals to help you achieve your short & long-term business goals.
You are a start-up or a growing business, BPBT is there to help you. Even if you are facing a backlog in your bookkeeping and tax, our team specializes in resolving all your pending issues and will bring you to an up-to-date status with minimal investment of your time.
BPBT ensures unmatched accuracy. You get an accurate set of books delivered monthly. We have our expert team and most advanced bookkeeping software (QuickBooks) to deliver on our clients’ commitments. We tailor our services to your specific needs.
Cash or accrual basis, BPBT caters to all your bookkeeping and accounting needs. Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting to BPBT will surely save you time and money.
BPBT will assign a finance expert dedicated to your business bookkeeping services. Apart from managing your books and taxes, we will help you select the right payroll solution, understand your business financial situation, and offer best financial advice.
Each month, BPBT will provide you with your profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statement for the prior month. For start-ups, we could keep track of your burn rate and will help you precisely project your upcoming financial challenges.
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Tax Returns

Depending on your business legal form (Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, Corporation etc.), you are subject to varying tax requirements (income tax, estimated tax, self-employment tax, employment tax, sales tax etc.). BPBT is there to proactively take care of all your tax matters.
BPBT will take care of all your tax matters including your federal and state income tax filing, 1099, sales, excise, and franchise Tax filing. For new businesses, BPBT can help in seeking your EIN, Tax Elections, and Sales Tax Account Set-Up.
Even if you are facing a backlog in your tax compliance, our team specializes in resolving all your pending issues and will bring you to an up-to-date status with minimal investment of your time. On your behalf, BPBT can also work with the IRS to resolve your pending tax matters.
BPBT will assign a tax expert to effectively handle your business taxes. We will not only manage your tax returns but will also help you legitimately minimize your tax burden.
Your BPBT tax and finance expert will work seamlessly behind the scenes to get all your filings done on time. You will remain abreast of your tax filings status. BPBT is an IRS approved tax preparer and filer and caters to tax returns for individuals also.
We will help you stop overpaying taxes each year by claiming all available deductions and credits. With BPBT, you will avoid common IRS audit issues and be able to take advantage of several tax provisions for small businesses that may expire soon.
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How It Works?

Call us on (646)830-1326 to schedule your free consultation session. Usually these sessions take about 30 minutes. You will meet (in-person or virtually) your BPBT expert who will understand your needs, seek necessary information about your business, and propose the best solution for you.
You can meet us in-person in our New York and New Jersey offices, request a Zoom meeting, or just have a phone call. Due to COVID, most of our clients are opting for a Zoom or phone meeting and have an option to work with us virtually from all over the USA.
Whether you are starting fresh as a new business or seeking to change your current bookkeeping services, on-boarding with BPBT is simple. BPBT team is always extremely conscious of keeping your on-boarding experience as simple and efficient as possible.
BPBT will seamlessly integrate your business with QuickBooks or any other service in use. You will have BPBT experts by your side to help with your on-boarding.
BPBT will help you select the most feasible version of QuickBooks for your business. We will do your initial setup, accounts mapping, creating templates for invoices, and troubleshooting. We will share time-saving tips/tricks and will review data files to correct any errors.
Need help beyond your bookkeeping and tax, you can always rely on BPBT to support your growing business.
We use latest technology to support your busy life and can work with you regardless of your physical location. Our passion is to work with small/medium size businesses.

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BPBT Serves Across America